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10 unusual things you can get from Xiaomi’s store in Trinoma

You wouldn’t have thought that Xiaomi are also making and selling these products here

Xiaomi Authorized Store, Trinoma, Quezon City, PH (Photo: Bryan Snow/AMG)

The recent opening of Xiaomi’s official authorized store last February 17 in Trinoma is still fresh on our thoughts, and of course, we’re happy to see the Chinese company getting its roots back again on the Philippine shores – this means much cheaper Xiaomi devices, backed with official warranty and of course, the option to test the device first before buying is still prevailing among customers who really want to know what they are buying before shelling out cash.

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However, while we are looking around the new Xiaomi store, we saw some things that we didn’t expect the Chinese manufacturer are also making and selling here.

If you know CDR-King, then that store chain might jump into your thought upon realizing that Xiaomi is also doing/selling these products.

So let’s jump on to the list.

Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner (File Photo: STS)

Also known as MiJia Robot Vacuum, this little robot here could clean your floors without your intervention. It has suction and sweeping capabilities and has a Nidec brushless DC motor inside. The robot is also equipped with a 5200mAh battery which Xiaomi claims to give power to the robot vacuum for at least 2.5 hours. Who knows, maybe you are lazy to clean your floors and you’ll probably need this. We don’t know however, if this one connects with the Mi Home App yet.

As with any modern technologies, however, this one doesn’t come that cheap. At PhP15,490, this is still one of the cheapest robot vacuum cleaners that I’ve ever seen. Most of them are also sold overseas, so chances are that you’ll have a pain in shipping them out here if you’re planning to get one from Amazon or eBay.

Mi Induction Heating Rice Cooker

File Photo: STS

The Chinese company wants to invade your kitchen with this product. At PhP4,200, your new rice cooker has a capacity of 3.0L and features induction heating in a cast iron material.

However, what’s really interesting here is that it has WiFi connectivity with the IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz standard. You can scan the QR code on the top of the rice cooker to download the Mi Home App and control your rice cooking from there.

While we don’t know it yet, we’re imagining also that it will notify you on your phone when your rice is already cooked, so that you can munch it out and don’t burn the rice for long. How’s that sound to you?

Mi Rainbow 5 (AA) and Rainbow 7 (AAA) Batteries

File Photo: STS

Yes, we know that Xiaomi sells powerbanks ranging from 5000mAh to 20000mAh. However, the company is also selling colorful battery packs for our regular devices needing them. For PhP110, you can get 10pcs of Rainbow 5 (AA) batteries. The same price is also applicable for the Rainbow 7 (AAA) batteries. Note that they are not rechargeable and is made of alkaline.

Free Tie Shoes

File Photo: STS

While this isn’t the Xiaomi smart shoes we have reported previously, these shoes are just regular shoes and without anything smart inside. For PhP995, they are stylish, lightweight, reflective and is made of synthetic leather. Perhaps, if you’re looking for your next running shoes, this one could be good for you.

ZSH Face and Bath Towel

Who thought Xiaomi is also selling towels? While they aren’t officially branded as either Xiaomi or Mi, it’s a little bit out of nowhere to think that they do even sell towels here. They aren’t equipped with anything smart features, but they sure cost a little bit higher than your regular face and bath towels.

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The towels are made of AVA long-staple cotton, and you can get the face towel in Blue, White, Green, Orange and Purple for PhP175 while the larger bath towel for PhP745.

File Photo: STS

TS Nylon Polarized Sunglasses

This one is also nothing smart and branded as either Xiaomi or Mi in particular, but they are being sold off here at the store. For PhP1,890, you could doubt if you should get this sunglass. But its features might justify the price since it has Polarized Mirror lenses, a 304H stainless frame weighing only 18g, block UVA/B and is available on Gray, Gold and Blue colors. (pictured above)

Mi Suitcases

File Photo: STS

Travelling somewhere? You’ll surely need something to store your travel things. The Mi 90 Points Suitcase (don’t know where and how they made the name, though) looks sturdy, and stylish – ideal for budget travelers who don’t want to compromise aesthetics on their travel belongings.

Made of Polycarbonate Polyester and equipped with TSA lock, the Mi 90 Points suitcase is available in several variants:

• 20-inch, 36L capacity [Grey, White, Black and Red] – PhP2,995

• 24-inch, 64L capacity [Grey, White, Black and Red] – PhP3,595

• 28-inch, 100L capacity [Grey, White and Black] – PhP4,795

There’s also the Mi All-Metal Aluminum Luggage which surely is expensive, considering its build quality and material. For PhP15,999, you’ll get an aluminum-magnesium alloy built metal suitcase weighing 4.2kg.

Image result for Mi All-Metal Aluminum Luggage

This would be not ideal for budget air travelers, though, as the case alone itself occupies almost a fraction of the mostly allowed baggage allowance for budget fares. But still, it looks high-end, and probably used to transport sensitive things here and abroad.

Mi Smart & Electric Kettle

File Photo: STS

Another addition to your kitchen would be these products from the Chinese company Xiaomi, which we wouldn’t thought to make electric and smart kettles.

First, the Mi Smart Kettle is made of 304 stainless steel alloy, which promises faster boiling than your electric kettle. It also features smart temperature control and triple safety (which we don’t know what the heck it translates to).

Also, what makes it smart is that it has wireless connectivity in the form of Bluetooth 3.0, which you can use to connect to the Mi Home App – probably to notify you when the water is already boiling or to control temperature. For PhP1,599, it might be the next addition to your array of Xiaomi’s appliances in your home.

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On the other hand, the Mi Electric Kettle is just a regular electric kettle, nothing fancy but has the same 304 stainless steel inner material and triple safety feature. It has a 1.5L water capacity and is priced for only PhP895 – ideal for gifts to someone you want to piss off or appreciate.

Mi Smart Scale

Related image

Want to know your weight in an instant? For PhP995, you’ll already have a weight tracker that connects with your Mi Fit app or bands. It can track weight from 5kg to 150kg which is obviously not ideal for heavy persons. It also has an LED display that displays the details. Nothing fancy.

Mijia Automatic Folding Umbrella

Image Credit: AliExpress

The Xiaomi store is already full packed with essential accessories for a traveler, indeed. With this automatic folding umbrella made of aluminum alloy, glass fiber and Teflon coating, you can protect yourself from the rain or heat of the sun for just PhP895.

Yes, it doesn’t have any smart features like connecting to WiFi and any app. Just an automatic folding umbrella in a click of a button.

Now that’s our list of unusual products that you can get at the newly-opened Xiaomi store in Trinoma. Let us know if you want to know more about which products are there as well as leave some suggestions if you like down in the comments section.

We’ll be also making another list soon so stay tuned!

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