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A quick glance at the new Samsung Galaxy A70

It’s the A-series sweet spot.

Samsung Galaxy A70 (Photo: Bryan Snow/AMG)

It’s another Samsung article once again here at Revealed – but don’t get it wrong – we’re not paid to do this.

Aggressively promoting their A-series line for 2019, one of the new offerings the South Korean giant has dropped in was the Galaxy A70. And despite it being almost the same in terms of looks as its cousin A50, we’re glad to say that at least according to paper, this is the sweetest spot from all blends of it.

The notch is still there

I might have liked the Galaxy A50’s U-style notch, but with the release of the true all-display Galaxy A80, I have realize that there’s more reasons to simply hate it.

You know, in terms of design it is forgivable than the S10 series’s Infinity-O hole punch display which is absolutely not great for people with OCD.

Disregarding that, all the things in the Galaxy A70 looks like the same as the A50, so if you have seen an A50 out in the wild, there’s nothing new in particular aside from the larger body due to its larger screen display.

Inside the A70

Galaxy A70 (left) and Galaxy A80 (right)

The A70 sports the octa-core Snapdragon 675, which is a powerful midrange chipset in terms of today’s standards, as well as 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage expandable through microSD card. A big 4,500mAh battery with 25W super fast charging support is also inside – which is an absolute godsend considering how long it would take normally when charging hefty battery packs.

An on-screen fingerprint scanner is also there as well as support for face unlock using the cameras. The 6.7-inch Super AMOLED Infinity-U display is also gorgeous and great for content consumption and could be also great for gaming (we haven’t tried, sorry).

It’s 3D Glasstic (what they call it) back reflects rainbow-RGB-like colors, and it makes the gradient finish on some other phones look like 2018-ish.

Of course, the new phone runs on Samsung’s beloved One UI on top of Android Pie 9.0 – and yes, I like it to the point I want to own it on my phone.

Some other bits

The A70, if we’re not thinking of the price at this point (because the issue is there isn’t any of it, yet), is a great deal because aside from the larger display, we could see some vital upgrades and new features that might justify a price bump from its cousin A50.

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The triple cameras, again, almost same with the A50 but with a higher megapixel (MP) count of 32 for its main rear and front shooters, took great photos and selfies that we unfortunately, failed to obtain (I guess we’ll have to wait for our review unit to fall in our hands, then). That at least, we can assure as of the moment.

Again, I like the A50 already, and with all the spec bumps made on the A70 – I guess I tend to like the latter even more. We’ll just have to wait for the price and availability information to be announced really soon.


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