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Apple might make dual SIM iPhone variants this year – reports

Is Apple finally going conventional?

DESPATCH – Apple iPhone owners might have thought of this for a really long time now – why the Cupertino giant doesn’t make any dual SIM variants for the iPhone, despite the popularity of the said feature among Android smartphones, and even tablets.

But now, Apple might take an unexpected route to bring dual-SIM functionality to the iPhone, with reports from insiders talking to 21st Century Business Herald which says that Apple is considering to make a few iPhone variants with dual-SIM functionality, which might launch later this year.

But, the dual-SIM functionality might work not as what you expect. It’s difference than the usual dual-SIM smartphones is that one slot will be populated by Apple SIM (e-SIM, which is already existing for the iPad Air 2, back in 2016), and the other one for the network of your preference.


However, China isn’t likely to be in favor with this implementation, since dual-SIM smartphones are so popular there that single SIM ones aren’t existing that much anymore. In answer to such problem, Apple might release iPhone variants with two SIM slots, mainly for the Chinese market.

And while this sounds good news to some, we advise you to take this with a grain of salt as always, since it’s still a rumor and we’ll only know when the new iPhones came out later this year.

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