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ASUS ROG STRIX FLARE PNK LTD Mechanical Keyboard Unboxing and Review

No other graypink comes close

With the emergence of pink gaming peripherals, notable brands such as ASUS and its gaming brand Republic of Gamers (ROG) is surely one of the best you can think of. They even had this pink collection first unveiled last CES 2019 called PNK LTD, which consists of a keyboard, mouse, headset, and even a mouse mat, which could be the best pick for pinkaholics out there.

After using the keyboard for quite some time now, we’re giving you our thoughts about the ASUS ROG Strix Flare PNK LTD Mechanical Keyboard, and help you decide if its $130 price tag would entice you.

What’s in the box?

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The box of the ROG STRIX FLARE PNK LTD comes of course with its gray-pink color touch. In front, you’ll find the keyboard as well as the switch it comes with on the bottom side, and the ROG logo up top. On the back, you’ll find some essential specs on the keyboard.

Inside, you’ll be greeted with another pink box that contains all the things you’ve paid for, which includes the keyboard, 2x ROG stickers, the quick start guide, wrist rest and the blank canvass for the customizable illuminated badge. Other than that, there’s nothing else included, even a decent keycap puller isn’t included on the box.

Features and Specifications

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Full Per-Key RGB Illumination Key Switches: Cherry MX RGB Switches (Blue, Red, Brown)
ASUS Aura Sync compatible Key Layout: 104-key US ANSI layout
Double Injection print PBT keycaps Connectivity: Wired
Gold-plated USB Connector Port(s): 1x USB 2.0
Game Mode (Disables WIN key) Dimensions: 454 x 155 x 31 mm
Dedicated Media Keys / Volume Wheel Keyboard weight: 1256g (with cable)
Customizable Illuminated Badge Compatibility: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Design and Build Impressions

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The ASUS ROG STRIX FLARE PNK LTD Mechanical Keyboard comes with Cherry MX RGB switches (ours is in Blue), and as the pink game goes, this keyboard doesn’t come in all pink. The color combo of gray and pink, which we love to call graypink, is a brilliant combination if you consider aesthetics. Function-wise, I don’t know if this helps.

Being a premium keyboard, ASUS didn’t cheap out on its keycaps, equipping it with PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) keycaps instead of the more common ABS plastic, thus, enhancing durability and perhaps, typing feel. The top housing also comes in rough brushed plastic, as well as the included gray wrist-rest. With that said, flex is just subtle and it would perhaps survive some rage when applied.

The double injection font-print is likely gamer-ish and just right, considering this keyboard comes from the Republic of Gamers line. Some of its functions (such as change LED mode) are printed on the keycap side, leaving the top etched with only the essentials, making this look cleaner.

Function-wise, this keyboard comes with a dedicated smooth-scrolling volume knob (or wheel, as some refer to it), as well as dedicated media keys, light brightness control, and windows key lock. The position of these keys is ideal for gamers to reach easily, who usually lay their hands on the left side of the keyboard (WASD keys, to be exact).

If you’re proud of being into the so-called ‘Republic of Gamers’, this keyboard ultimately got your flexing as the Republic of Gamers brand is everywhere on this keyboard. From the spacebar to the wrist rest, to the customizable illuminated badge with the ROG logo by default, and even on the back where the ROG logo is also present, the significance of this keyboard being aimed at gamers is more than enough.

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The backside also features patterned textures, as well as rubber grips and height adjustment feet that would keep the keyboard at its place. There’s also the gold-plated USB connectors (for anti-oxidation), and 1x USB pass-through port, for an easy-to-reach USB port.

The RGB lighting is also bright enough, and is widely customizable thru the ASUS Aura Sync platform and also the Aura Creator / ROG Armoury software. It also has built-in light effects, although there are only a few effects installed and most of them are common. There’s also the side glow on both sides, which beams the light downwards, giving it an underglow-like effect.

User Experience

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So how does the keyboard feels when typing? Great. In fact, it might help you improve your typing speed due to the placebo effect given by thinking you have a premium keyboard in your hands. (just kidding)


Anyways, as a long-time Cherry MX Brown user, the feel of Blue switches seemed to be a bit odd for me at first already. However, I managed to get comfortable with the keyboard in just a short time, and fell in love with its wide customization options available on the Aura platform. It’s also clicky, which could be annoying for some, but for typists, it could be a sound that you’ll love to hear.

The easy-to-access media keys and other functions are also helpful, especially if you want to quickly pause or navigate through your music app. Other than that, there’s nothing special which we could talk about here.

Gaming-wise, the keyboard performs well and is nice to play with. The multiple N-key rollover (NKRO) is more than enough I think for everyone (can’t even saturate the limit with just your hands), and the response times are expected for a keyboard equipped with Cherry MX Blue switches. Overall, typing experience with the keyboard is enjoyable.

Multiple keys (in green) pressed simultaneously registered without problems. Tested using EK SWITCH HITTER

There are no dedicated macro keys though (but there’s on-the-fly macro recording and all programmable keys), which could be a deal-breaker for some at this price point.

Customization / Software

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As for the software, this keyboard could be customized with multiple software which supports the AURA protocol, such as ROG Armoury Crate, the AURA software and AURA Creator. For best customization on the keyboard, the ROG Armoury Crate offers all options, while the AURA Creator curates the over-all experience if you have more Aura-sync compatible hardware.

It could be confusing at first, but the learning curve towards those are quite manageable and you’ll be getting around in no time.


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To wrap this review, the ASUS ROG STRIX FLARE PNK LTD Mechanical Keyboard is definitely stylish among all aspects. With its unexpected ‘graypink’ color combo, and if complemented with other ASUS ROG PNK LTD peripherals, this could make your setup more aesthetically-pleasing than most ordinary black/gray mechanical keyboards.

In terms of overall typing and user experience, this keyboard didn’t disappoint. No notable issues could be found, and the deal breakers are subtle it wouldn’t even break the deal at all. Customization options are also a lot.

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As for the price, we bought this at around PHP9,500 last December. However, we found it on Amazon for only $129 (excluding shipping) as of writing. It might be a bit expensive for many, but the premiums are probably well-justified.

With that said, Revealed is giving the ASUS ROG STRIX FLARE PNK LTD Mechanical Keyboard our ‘Recommended’ seal as well as our ‘Gold’ Award.


GOLD AWARD | Revealed

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