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ASUS ROG unveils a collection of gaming peripherals at CES 2019 – and they’re color pink

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ASUS PNK LTD Peripheral Line (Photo: ASUS)
  • ASUS ROG announced four new gaming peripherals at CES 2019 with a twist you wouldn’t expect from them
  • The gaming peripherals are special edition, although availability is yet to be announced
  • The PNK LTD is a series of gaming peripherals in pink, and gray to match up the light shade color
  • Our editor-in-chief already liked them so much, that he pledged to immediately get them when they become available

Aside from announcing a Surface-like gaming laptop at this year’s CES, ASUS ROG has announced a plethora of new gaming peripherals with a twist – they’re not in the usual black and red ROG color scheme.

ASUS PNK LTD Peripheral Line (Photo: ASUS)

While ASUS isn’t the first peripheral-maker to jump in on the pink bandwagon (Razer already did few years ago with its Quartz Pink line of peripherals), the ASUS ROG PNK LTD gaming peripherals are surely a move that ASUS did execute to increase their sales and fans, and while it didn’t collaborated with any brand this time, we can already saw its brilliance on the special edition market of peripherals.


ROG Strix Flare PNK LTD (Photo: ASUS)

First on the list is the ROG Strix Flare PNK LTD. The ROG’s flagship mechanical keyboard is transformed into a pink-gray combo with most of its finish being in pink and the rest in gray. Of course, it supports ASUS’s AuraSync RGB lighting for that RGB-aesthetics and is available on either Cherry MX Blue, Red or Brown switches.


ROG Gladius II PNK LTD (Photo: ASUS)

For those who are wondering, it is just the same ROG Gladius II Origin mouse that ASUS has introduced before, but in that matte pink and gray finish. There’s also the detachable cable (not pictured) in gray for uniform color consistency.



ROG Strix Fusion 300 PNK LTD (Photo: ASUS)

Another peripheral in the PNK LTD line, ASUS ROG’s Strix Fusion 300 gets a cool gray and pink makeover, and an additional bronze finish for the ROG LOGO just above the headphone driver gives a better overall vibe. Of course, to match things better, the traditional red color accent lighting was swapped to white.


ROG Sheath PNK LTD (Photo: ASUS)

And finally, ASUS ROG’s Sheath is a large desk mat enough to place all other PNK LTD components on your desk. While most parts of the Sheath PNK LTD is covered in gray, the other parts are covered in pink where the words related to gaming and the brand are printed. On the bottom left is the ROG logo, for that bragging rights you deserve to own.

Pricing and availability of the new PNK LTD line from ROG is expected to be released few weeks later, and the products are expected to be available sometime by March of this year.

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