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GTX 1080 on a CAR??? – Audi and NVIDIA team-up for their self-driving car

images courtesy of NVIDIA/Audi Twitter

Yep, you read it right, a luxury automobile manufacturer + a graphics card & processor manufacturer teamed-up to build a self-driving car. And the title don’t really corresponds to the content of this post. Lol 😛

images courtesy of NVIDIA/Audi Twitter

Expected to be done by 2020, GTX 1080 is probably not the greatest graphic card to be known.

Audi recently showed off an Audi Q7 at CES 2017, that is capable of driving itself with just four days of training, by means of NVIDIA’s Xavier AI supercomputer, for cars.

Looking above, that was a real GTX 1080 right?

But, originally announced last September, Xavier is composed of 512 GPU cores, a custom-made 8 core CPU, and a new computer vision accelerator to allow it to deliver 20 trillion operations per second of performance.

The processor maker has been working on self-driving tech for roughly a decade already, and has made huge blocks since it started. At CES 2016, it announced the Drive PX2, a deep-learning platform for self-driving cars packed into a system with 12 CPU cores and four GPUs that are capable of delivering 8 teraflops of power. It also recently showed off its autonomous BB8 test car that learned to drive by mimicking humans behind the wheel.

In addition, the company unveiled its AI Co-Pilot software assistant, which uses data from sensors to build awareness of what’s happening inside and around the car – whether that’s a pedestrian up ahead or a biker behind your vehicle – so it can alert human drivers to react accordingly when they’re driving manually.

Perhaps Audi is the only firm hardly aiming to get autonomous cars on the road soon. BMW and Ford have theirs set on 2021; Google has spun off its autonomous vehicle tech efforts into a separate company, likely in the hopes of partnering with manufacturers to build vehicles with its tech baked in; Tesla has begun equipping all its new cars with plenty more hardware to enable self-driving functionality in the future.

via TheNextWeb

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