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Dell’s New OptiPlex PCs are great for decluttering your work table

They call it ‘zero-footprint’

If you are really savvy when it comes to hiding cables on your desktop – fret no more, as Dell is now launching an innovative all-in-one desktop that finishes this first world problem once and for all – the new OptiPlex 7070 Ultra.

Behind that glass display is the Dell monitor stand, where the actual OptiPlex PC hides.

Truly space-saving

The actual OptiPlex PC unit. Handheld to scale (Photo by Renz Espiritu/Revealed)

Flushing the unit into its posh monitor stand, Dell didn’t choose to disable upgrade options with this one. Business customers tend to upgrade the components inside their PCs if they seem not fit for their users, so that alone is a solid feature unlike most all-in-ones out there that aren’t user-serviceable.

It’s easy to access, to disassemble, and even replace components by yourself.

Independent Upgradability

Customers can add up to 2 RAM sticks, with support up to 64GB of RAM, as well as an NVMe SSD of up to 1TB and 2TB HDD (SATA model).

OptiPlex 7070 Ultra internals (NVMe model)

I asked if the CPU can be also upgraded, since they are using mobile CPUs with only 25W power unlike most desktop CPUs that range from 65W and up, and the launch rep said they’ll get back to me with regards to that one.

The idea is, you can replace the components inside the PC once they broke, and replace the display with your own as well.

There are also a plethora of products that can be used to complement the PC, such as height adjustable stands, fixed stands, VESA mounts and more. It is also equipped with a lot of ports, not only USB-Cs.

Powerful despite having a small foot-print

Dell clearly emphasized during its launch that this PC wasn’t meant for content creators who rely heavily on powerful computers to do work. Ideally speaking, this type of setup was meant for office people who also needs to conserve desk space and do more work at the same time.

The OptiPlex 7070 Ultra has support for up to three (3) monitors up to 27 inches, with power, data, video and audio signals transmitted in one cable if the PC was paired with their Dell USB-C monitors.

Dell’s customer research shows companies like the ability to upgrade their systems. They also enjoy the aesthetics of the All-in-One. Because customers tend to upgrade their computers more frequently than their displays, the independent upgradability of its OptiPlex 7070 Ultra brings the best of the traditional desktop and the all-in-one together into a single, new, innovative platform.

Pricing and Availability

With a starting price of PHP 53,500, the Dell OptiPlex 7070 Ultra is now available at authorized Dell distributors and stores, nationwide.

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