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PornHub launches its own VPN service, probably to combat out website blocking

Your move, government.

Since the time we’ve posted our universal guide to unblock adult and/or other websites here on Revealed, it remained one of the most viewed articles here on the website, until now.


Some of the most popular search keywords is: “how to unblock pornhub” and “how to open porn sites“, which really shows that many people around are affected by the ‘blocking’ that some governments have ordered to ISPs in order to combat child pornography proliferation, or just, save more bandwidth.

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Now, it seems that PornHub is already tired of lost traffic on its website, probably from its number 1 source of users worldwide (Philippines), and realized that they should just launch their own ‘freemium’ VPN service called VPNHub.

PSA: VPNHub is offering a free 7-day trial of its premium service – you can sign up through this link.

Like most VPN applications, VPNHub has all that you’d expect in a VPN — privacy, safe browsing, and fake/spoofed location. While it’s free and unlimited, you still have the option to go premium, just like PornHub.

Some of the features of VPNHub include being free and unlimited, easy to use, cross-platform support (yay), personal data protection (although we don’t know yet how this works).

And by going premium, you can unlock features such as faster speeds, removal of ads, 24/7 support and an option to select any country you’d like to access websites from.

For those who want to try out VPNHub, you can now download it through the respective application stores here: Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Microsoft WindowsMacintosh.

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