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Samsung’s 75-inch MicroLED 4K TV is the future that we’re looking forward to happen

According to Samsung, the display could be scaled up to 80-inches or 90-inches in just a matter of seconds

Photo: Samsung
  • Samsung has unveiled perhaps the future that we’re looking forward into the world of TVs at CES 2019 – modular panels with its MicroLED technology
  • According to Samsung, the display could be scaled up to 80-inches or 90-inches in just a matter of seconds
  • Viewers will no longer be limited to either 4K or 8K, Han Jong-Hee, president of Samsung’s display division proudly claims
  • Samsung hasn’t announced pricing yet for the new panels, although we’re already expecting it to be on the pricier side considering its predecessor, QLED and OLED, are still pricey as of this writing.

We all thought at some point in our current lives that TVs aren’t going to be a thing in the future, and perhaps on every year’s CES, that thought seems to vanish with every new innovations made to make TV watching experience more exciting and aesthetically-pleasing than ever.

Photo: Samsung

Sparing all the flowery words, Samsung has unveiled its 75-inch MicroLED 4K TV at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, that sports a stunning design (tbh, there’s no design to look at as it is literally flushed into the wall, earning it the nickname “The Wall”), as well as a wider color gamut, higher peak brightness and deeper black levels than ever.

While Samsung has first unveiled its MicroLED tech at last year’s CES, it was only until this year that the technology has finally resulted into something that could be sold very soon.

MicroLED panels (Photo: Samsung)

But what’s exactly special about this TV?

The MicroLED technology opens up the possibilities for more option about display sizes. We can now bid our goodbyes to fixed aspect ratios (although for now that should still prevail), as you can think of whatever you like as long as you have enough panels to add up.

And with MicroLED, panels could be customized to either fit your viewing experience to your content, such as a 21:9 movie perfectly displayed without any black bars, or form a vertical display like the one below which would be great for either Instagram, Reddit and Twitter, or whatever you like. (embed via Mashable)

And there’s also the tool-less removal and addition of panels!

And finally, adding them was a breeze. (GIF via The Verge)

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According to Samsung, it might take two to three years before we can fully see a consumer-viable MicroLED, although as we can see, these things could go priced up tens of thousand of dollars, like its QLED TVs. We don’t know yet, since the also MicroLED-equipped monstrous 219-inch The Wall TV also doesn’t have a price yet.

Ideally, the most suitable applications for these kind of displays are for display signage and commercial applications.

With these new innovations on board, we’re excited to see the future of television experience in the future.

Check out our special coverage of CES 2019 here.

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