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Samsung’s foldable phone rumored to launch sooner than expected

[STS Despatch] The ‘Galaxy X’ could be limited edition as well

Since the early days of this year, rumors are already circulating on the world wide web about Samsung’s foldable phone – now rumored to be named Galaxy X with a model number of SM-G888N0 because of its patent application last year on November, plus all the recent certifications from South Korea’s National Radio Agency that it gets.

But what does this phone offers aside from the fact that it is foldable?

According to some sources, this phone is a rumored flagship as well to be released this year if all things go according to plan. As we can see on the mysterious patent application below, the ‘Galaxy X’ isn’t a totally bendable smartphone, as earlier reports suggested to a device that has a hinge in the middle.

Some reports do indicate that it will be in limited production and only 100,000 units will be made available and sold on its home country, South Korea. Considering Samsung’s product launch cycle with the past years and now, the next Galaxy S9/S9+ might launch at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which will happen from February 26 to March 1 next year. Prior to MWC, CES will be happening from January 9 to 12 in Las Vegas.

And since reports/leaks do point sooner launch, Samsung’s ‘Galaxy X’ is most likely to debut before the Galaxy S9/S9+. Unless Samsung wants to do a special event for the Galaxy X, CES is the only remaining choice to unveil it at a huge number of audience – though it may be risky and not ideal, Forbes thinks that this might be the possible date for the launch of the Galaxy X.


More like ‘beta’ test for new style of smartphone

It was also reported that after the Galaxy X hits the market, a fully bendable smartphone will be made to consumers – only if the first one would render a commercial success.

There’s also no word about specs and price, as well – it’s still early to have, though.

However, we asks ourselves and you, as the consumer – would you poke an interest in foldable phones considering today’s smartphone market of edge-to-edge, larger and innovative displays?


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