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The Galaxy Note 9 is so interesting……. and expensive?

Was it truly NOTE-worthy like any other?

Samsung Mobile President & CEO DJ Koh, showing the Galaxy Note 9 to the press at Barclays Center, New York

Okay, so the new Galaxy Note 9 was just unveiled hours ago – and we’re here, typing another article which would be critical about Samsung’s newest flagship offering. The question is, is the Galaxy Note 9 an upgrade for those who really want more?

While thankfully, one of my favorite brands didn’t jumped into the ‘notch’ bandwagon, and making their phones literally ‘top-notched’ among any other – Samsung has started a trend with their previously released premium handsets which are inevitably noticeable by just watching the market being plunged by some mid-range, and affordable flagship-like smartphones out there. What do I mean by that, is simple – their phones are starting to get more expensive than before.

Usually, we refer to the Note series as Samsung’s best offerings. It is known to satisfy one’s craving for more power, for more estate, and more features. And many would agree with that, even I, personally. Being a fan of the Note series myself, it gets my interest when a new Note-series smartphone is going to be released – sadly I haven’t got my hands on the ill-fated Note 7, and skipped it as well as the Note 8 due to the position of the fingerprint scanner which isn’t practical for my daily use – the Note 9 (hopefully), would satisfy my requirements as a daily driver, such as ease of use, powerful features and much more.

With features that the Note 9 packs, it wasn’t a no-brainer that you’ll pay for a hefty priceBut you might have asked yourself at some point – how does others could manage to make smartphones less expensive but has the same features and/or specs? The answer lies on what the smartphone and the company does.

Well, Samsung is a brand you’ll know for what Apple once does – meaningful innovation. It focuses not only on making greater ecosystem which aren’t restricted only to Samsung users, but it also focuses on a larger scale of things (Internet of Things or IoT, for example), enabling its current customers to be futuristically advanced and hops in the aggressive pace of work and productivity.

Galaxy Note 9 in Lavender Purple (sort of color corrected)

But what actually makes the Galaxy Note 9 interesting? For me, here are some points that I’ve saw.

The S-Pen is what makes a Note a Note. It’s remarkable and unique set of features really enhances the experience of a power user who regularly does things on a surface which is usually smaller than your average notebook. It can aid on writing notes, reminders and stuff, as well as point precisely on a section where your finger can’t manage to do so. Now, it was enhanced with Bluetooth connectivity, adding more awesome functionalities such as remote control and assistive functions. It can be charged in just 40 seconds by just getting it back to the compartment, and be your remote when taking selfies or giving presentations.

Another thing is the Samsung DeX. First seen on the Galaxy S8, the DeX functionality on the Galaxy Note 9 now doesn’t require any special docks to be used with, aside from a single USB-C to HDMI adapter. No bulky docks, just a single dongle to use to, and turn your powerful handset into a computer by connecting it to an HDMI-capable monitor. You can even do tasks on your phone even when using the DeX on the display.

The storage. Up to 1TB on a smartphone might some ridiculous for most people, but hey – we’re living on an era where we consume and download HD movies, lossless audio files and take a lot of videos as we go on. As journalists, we’d love to see ourselves not worrying about our storage being full in the middle of an event coverage, and as heavy entertainment consumers, we would like to save a lot of videos and music files all over without worrying for storage. 128GB is already plenty, as it is now the base storage option, with 512GB being the highest (and expensive). Oh, did I said already this also offers storage expansion option with a microSD of up to 512GB as well?

Larger Battery. The Note 7 might be a nightmare for Samsung due to its battery woes, but luckily, that has to be a memory of the past now. Hopefully, it doesn’t happen again with the Note 9 as it now gets a larger battery (4000mAh), which promises all-day battery life at most tasks. Of course, our mileage may vary depending on use case. It might not sport the large, battery-bank like 5000mAh or more, but still, for a phone of this caliber, it is a nice improvement.

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Samsung Knox. Since the time I’ve been using Galaxy smartphones, I’ve been impressed with Samsung’s KnoxSimply, this is Samsung’s own security platform and to say that, it offers A LOT of security options to begin with the not-so-secure pattern, pin, to a more biometric-friendly fingerprint scanning, to further advanced technologies such as iris scanning and facial recognition. Nope, Samsung isn’t removing one in place of the other – they just put it in and say ‘why not all?’, which is absolutely right in every perspective. While there’s no in-display fingerprint here (we expect this to appear on the Galaxy S10 / X / Note 10 or whatever), it is nice to see all of these security options available.

Hi-Res 32-bit, 384KHz on 3.5mm headphone jack. As an audiophile, it immediately raises up a bar for me to like it once more. I might be able to enjoy a better audio listening experience thanks to its better audio DAC, and hopefully a really good one. Adding to that is the inclusion of Dolby Atmos, giving you a better sound stage than ever. Finally, hats off to Samsung for STILL retaining one of the most important ports in our lives – the 3.5mm headphone jack.

A LOT of INTEGRATIONS. Samsung isn’t only boasting their new phone on their #Unpacked event, they also unveiled some new products there, which would integrate greatly with the new Note. It’s really nice for everyone to see that the focus of Samsung isn’t just to give users a brick which in two years or less would have been less useful than before, but given the nice integrations it has laid out to the said device, the integrations will surely extend the functionality of your Note beyond conventional use. They’re actually useful, and I can’t wait for it to try out myself.

Aside from that, there’s a lot of new features that are waiting for those who are interested on getting the Note 9. We’ll be posting our hands-on and review soon so stay tuned for that and as for now, you can know more about the Galaxy Note 9 on this article below:

NOTEWorthy: The Galaxy Note 9 is now official – price and specs here

So the answer to the question I’ve asked earlier – is it really an upgrade to those who want more? The answer is, YES. It is because it has some new cool features that really matter, it gets more attention to detail, to functionalities rather than aesthetics, as well as improvements which aren’t noticeable until you appreciate it. I’m buying one for myself, so who’s in?

Will you be getting the Galaxy Note 9? Let us know in the discussion.

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