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Why should we stop on begging for free things online

Stop begging, instead, study well and work well to save up to buy what you want.

A while ago when I was still on Facebook (now I’m not), I’ve encountered many threads about people begging for computer hardware and gadgets from people who upgraded or have a plethora of them at their disposal. While it may seem like giving people your old hardware or anything would result to a good deed, in fact, it really isn’t helping people.

Things such as computer hardware and gadgets doesn’t fall into the classification where it is undeniably needed by humans to live, such as food, water, clothing, shelter, and so on. It falls into the classification of wants.

Boasting about something you didn’t bought with your own money isn’t something that great. And as the time where many people do get hardware in exchange of reviews or giveaways from brands, people are getting more spoiled about the fact that yes, they do have enough stash of cash to reproduce the same, why not give us some of those?

They are investing, not donating.

The problem is, it is already getting worse. The point that I want to emphasize here is that giveaways are done by companies to promote their brand, engage and get more audiences and following, which in turn, would be useful for their future operations and marketing plans. They are in fact, investing into giving away something to turn that product into reach and following, audience and potential customers, not just a lone human being who laughs at the side just because he/she got some free stuff from a company who didn’t benefited from it.

Not all businesses are charities.

Ask yourself, why business entities are established in the first place? They exist to serve, make products, and of course, earn. If you want to get their product, buy them. Unless you can offer a product in exchange of theirs that can supplement its value, then you have no right to beg for one.

No one owes you or is responsible or to give you their (old) stuff.

Remember that product reviewers and media companies aren’t responsible for giving their (old) stuff to you. It may seem that they are getting products for free in exchange of reviews, but honestly, this doesn’t apply most of the time. By sending them what they call ‘review units’, which are usually pre-engineering or retail ones, the companies believe that their words are worth something that can make their product heard or exposed, rather than being enjoyed by one human who only boasts about it, and will do nothing about it later.

While you might see sometimes that they don’t seem to use their old ones at all, they still have a place to begin with. Older hardware are typically used to compare with the new ones, and having it at their disposal is the best solution instead of phoning or emailing their PR representative to send another one because of a reason that both parties doesn’t accept. They might use it later for their benefit, in case they need to sell it at a price that will fairly make them profit.

An example

If you don’t get what I’m saying, here’s a thread from Twitter involving tech YouTuber @JayzTwoCents and user @mykael_angelo. The latter is asking Jay to spare him an extra graphics card, 1070ti or 1080ti to be precise. Those cards exceed the $700 mark, and is considerably expensive for someone to just give away for free.

What did JayzTwoCents responded have served him great.

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Mykael Angelo, cited customs blocking as a reason why brands such as EVGA, which he particularly emphasized to JayzTwoCents, when people said that he should get what is available in the Philippines instead.

As of this writing, the first tweet from @mykael_angelo was already removed, but the rest is still available on both Twitter accounts.

Filipinos, and content creators from the Philippines have said that they are also receiving tons of same messages, even Jay himself, tweeted that ‘this is what my mailbox contains most of the time‘.

In the end, he also apologized to JayzTwoCents and others who got offended by dragging out the country’s name into the situation.

The damage has been done

Unfortunately, while it was seemingly now done between the two parties, the damage has been done on the reputation of the Filipinos in the tech scene. They will be known as beggars, and will remain a bad memory for those who have encountered them.

It might be a burden for some of our gamers to buy all the expensive hardware PC gaming and your love for technology might involve, but stick to the principles, and you’ll avoid humiliating yourself and the whole nation.

Stop begging, instead, study well and work well to save up to buy what you want.

EDITORS’ NOTE: The following was written by a guest writer on Revealed through the AMG contributor program, and doesn’t express the views of Revealed/AMG as a whole. Contents are coming out as-is and as provided. Join our contributor program to contribute: Contribute on AMG

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