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Windows 10 on a refrigerator sucks?

He just wanted to get water, but…………

He just wanted to get water, but…………

The Windows 10 update to the Anniversary Edition pops out on this smart fridge system screen, means, that the refrigerator isn’t operable until the update finishes. An update like this takes at least 20-30 minutes to complete, perhaps, the owner of that ref is really frustrated and got a water on his faucet. Haha!

On embedded systems like these, there should be at least a time for updates, since this device is a ref and is intended to be always on, it should be programmed to install updates on a time when a person, is sleeping or is away, not on the time when you actually use them. (shout out to Windows updates BTW for being like that)

photo via Hacking Facebook Page

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