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ZOTAC’s cutest ambassadress Le Josette brings her charm to the Philippines at ESGS 2017

Know more about ZOTAC’s cutest ambassadress on our exclusive little interview with her!

One of the biggest e-sports and gaming event in South East Asia (SEA), the ESGS or Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit 2017 just wrapped up yesterday and we’re bringing you some awesome reads from the event – including this feature as well as a special little interview from Malaysia-based streamer and influencer Josette ‘Le Josette’ Swan, who brought her charm in the Philippines at ESGS, courtesy of ZOTAC Philippines.

So you don’t know who Josette is but you’re here? Well, she’s a streamer, cosplayer, brand ambassador as well as an e-sports enthusiast. Her adorable face and beauty makes her charming as well – and for those who like to know more about her, you can read our short exclusive interview with her (we added some edits and info from her actual response in order to make it more accurate and professional)

Photo: Le Josette’s Facebook Page

But first, if you want to follow her at social media – here are her active accounts:

We asked her some questions and her responses are:

*underlined and on bold face – questions
*non-underlined, and plain – Josette’s response
*italicized – editor’s opinion


Introduce yourself

Name/Screen Name:
Josette Swan / Le Josette

Full-time Streamer, Brand Ambassador, E-Sports Enthusiast, Cosplayer

Platforms you are on or where can we find you (socials):
Facebook and Instagram, will be opening a Twitch account next month in November ?

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“Although she has an active Twitch Account with the handle, without any videos – an attempt on Twitch or just her regular Twitch account?”

Is it your first time in the Philippines? How’s your stay here?

It’s my first time in Philippines and the people are really friendly! The crowds are very supportive too ☺️☺️

On her first day at the Philippines, Boss Mac Suba of and Kang Dupet (AOC, MSI and GALAX Influencer/Brand Ambassadress) toured and accompanied her on trying the pinoy delicacy ‘balut’ (or duck embryo) – and here’s her Facebook’s live video posted on her Le Josette’s Facebook page!

Leading us to ask this question:

Will you try to eat it (‘balut’) again?

I will definitely try eating balut again if Ikang eats with me ☺️

Hahaha! 🙂 Well, I’ll tell Ikang to convince you to eat that again. 🙂

You’re not just a streamer, you’re also a tech enthusiast (being sponsored by prominent tech brands). Can you tell us when did you start to love tech and how did you paved your way on becoming an influencer?

I start loving tech since I started gaming and eventually ZOTAC introduced me to a lot of tech stuff that broaden my knowledge about the tech world! ?

Josette with an ASUS ROG laptop (Photo: Le Josette)

Josette with ZOTAC’s GTX 1080Ti graphic card (on Instagram)

Zotac #pushthelimits #pushthelove morning peeps (: #gamers #graphiccard #1080ti #gamergirl

A post shared by Josette ‘ Le Josette ‘ Swan (@the_pyro93) on

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Which game do you love and hate the most?

I love almost all type of games. I play everything but I’m really quite a noob player ?? mostly I only play for fun with friends. ?

Josette’s stream of Outlast 2 (pinned on her Facebook’s page as of this writing)

Our say: You don’t have to be shy about being noob – at least, we know that you can entertain people, haha ? and maybe that’s the reason we followed you haha! ?

Stream schedules (if any)?

I do not have a specific stream schedule but I do stream 6 hours a week ?

On a separate interview with the press earlier, Josette said that she loved playing the Outlast franchise (Outlast and Outlast 2), also Life is Strange and many other titles. She has many videos on her page including gameplays / livestreams of popular e-sports titles such as League of Legends, DotA 2 and Araya.

Josette cosplaying DotA 2’s Crystal Maiden (Photo: Le Josette)

The following question might raise up your hopes about Le Josette……..

Lastly, for your fans in the world who are interested – are you still single? Or already taken?

Yes I’m single ?

So you know guys the drill…… hahaha!

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She is currently sponsored by ASUS ROG, ZOTAC Malaysia as well as Fnatic Gear. We will not tell her age because you know, that’s a secret she even declined to answer……  ?

Josette with Fnatic Gear stuff (Photo: Le Josette)

Meanwhile, it was reported that Josette got her phone lost at the 2nd day of ESGS – and it could be right, because on a separate Facebook post, she was saying that she got her phone back with this trendy phrase: “GG SMX FINEST COPS NUMBAH 1.” 

HAHAHA! GGWP SMX Security for helping her! 😀

Anyways, we would like to thank Josette again for sharing her time and thoughts with us! Honestly, she declined to answer some questions (since we told her that everything is optional).


And of course…….

Josette with Bryan Snow (Photo: Team Vigil/Josef Acedillo)

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